Home Buying Like You've Never Experienced

A Buyer’s Broker is there to earn your trust while guiding you in making smart decisions on the biggest purchase of your life. They’re not hired to just show you houses and write up an offer. They’re there to educate you on what to watch for, and even advise you on things that may cost you in the long run. The best agents and brokers aren’t so quick to ‘make a sale’. They help you make smart choices, negotiate wisely, and even advise you if you should walk away. The most common complaints I receive from buyers who contact me after working with other agents: ‘They didn’t do anything,’ or, “They never answered the phone.’ The most common thing I hear after my consultations is, “No one took the time with me that you did. I finally feel like I found the right one.” All of these things matter when choosing who will represent you in buying a home. You need someone who’ll protect you, who you feel comfortable with, and who will take you seriously.

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5 Star Rated Buyers Representative

What you receive as a home buyer working with Jill Doppel Real Estate:

  • Experience: Over 2 decades of experience in guiding buyers
  • Consultation: Initial 1-2 hour fully informative and educational consultation 
  • Access: Late hours, fast text messaging responses and good communication
  • MLS: A broker with membership to the largest MLS in New York state
  • Info: Tax reports, maps, area statistics, distressed property data, past sales & more
  • Education: You’ll begin to learn and get good at identifying the most important things to look for in your home selection and while at the property during showings. Understand & be cautious of issues pertaining to resale value pros and cons that may significantly affect your investment should you decide to sell your home in the future
  • Negotiations: Expert negotiation strategies to guide you in making the strongest offers
  • Referrals: Access to the most reputable, top rated lenders, inspectors, and attorneys in the area
  • Navigating Challenges: Guidance on inspection or appraisal issues, if any
  • Peace of mind: Complete guidance & expertise throughout your transaction
  • For Investors: Guidance on renovation ideas and choices to make that can lead to a successful resale.
  • Pre-closing checklist: Know when we’re getting close to closing as I work closely with your attorney, lender and the Seller’s agent so you’re ready with everything you need on closing day
  • Sell/Buy Piggyback closings: If you’re selling your home and buying another home, I can often work with your attorney and cooperating agents to help you aim to coordinate both closings on the same day.

Unparalleled Guidance

As top rated Dutchess County real estate agents, we are proud to offer the most innovative, comprehensive, unique home showing tours in the industry. Over the course of over 2 decades, I have been contacted by numerous home buyers who have already worked with other agents and experienced disappointing or poor representation. Minimal guidance, lack of communication and insufficient expertise can be very frustrating when buying a home, and has caused many buyers to lose out on a home that they really wanted. Within the first call, buyers typically have peace of mind knowing that they are now a priority and have someone trustworthy to represent them in their purchase. You’ll be pleased at how dedicated I and my team of recommended professionals are in earning your trust from the first contact until closing. 

We can represent you in the purchase of:

  • Single & multi family family homes
  • Period homes
  • Estate properties
  • Equestrian farms
  • New Construction
  • Investments & flip properties
  • Condos & townhouses
  • Land 
  • Commercial real estate


Standard Operating Procedures

Prior to showing a purchaser a property:

(1) we will require identification from a prospective purchaser, and

(2) we will require a purchaser to sign an Exclusive Buyer Representation agreement, which is legally required effective July 2024, and

(3) we require a mortgage preapproval (or proof of funds) to show a buyer properties. This may be provided to listing agents who may also require it for all showings.


Q: Why should I obtain a preapproval prior to viewing properties?

A: A mortgage preapproval is not the same as a prequalification. A prequalification is based on basic information that you provide to a lender, but a preapproval is critical, as it’s based on verified information such as credit score and other financial documentation that the lender will request. A preapproval is not only necessary to determine affordability but it also demonstrates that the buyer has gone the extra mile to provide necessary information upfront, which provides a stronger, more secure position to a home seller’s agent who is assisting sellers in reviewing offers. Agents and brokers  may provide guidance to their sellers to give favor toward offers that are accompanied by the most reputable lenders with a good track record of successfully closing deals, and buyers who are fully preapproved. 

Q: Can’t I wait and get the preapproval once I find the house I like?

A: Firstly, you may not be able to book an appointment without preapproval, if the sellers agent requires it to schedule your appointment. In addition, sometimes you may be up against several bidders if the property is newly listed and getting several showings, and offers start coming in. The best way to negotiate the strongest offer is usually with the best price and terms (downpayment, loan type, closing time, etc), but your preapproval is just as important. If you’re bidding against several others who do not have a preapproval, you will be seen as the strongest buyer which may increase your chances of being the winning offer in a bidding war. It is always in your best interests to be well prepared when your offer is submitted, so you have a greater chance of getting the home you really want.

Q: What if I’m a cash buyer and I don’t want to show my proof of funds?

A: Upon placing an offer on any property, proof of funds will be required in order to be accepted. This can be in the form of a bank account statement showing the purchaser’s name, or letter from a purchaser’s financial advisor or bank, which states the following:

“This letter is to verify that (Name) has funds available in the amount of ($$ amount) to use toward the purchase of real estate.”

Q: What kind of ID will I be asked for? Will you provide it to anyone or scan it?

A: As a client of Jill Doppel Real Estate, your drivers license will be requested as a safety protocol. Due to a drastic increase in scams and criminal activity in real estate, we are advised to take precautions to verify the identity of buyers and sellers before meeting. A copy of your ID remains in your file.