You are currently viewing 149 acres in Dutchess County, Wingdale NY

149 acres in Dutchess County, Wingdale NY

149 acres in Wingdale, New York – $1,299,000

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149 acres in Dutchess County: Residential, Forestry, Recreation, Farming

Dutchess County Hunting Land, ideal for the shooting enthusiasts. Located in township of Dover Plains (Wingdale Mountain) New York. Prime location for a world class shooting facility in a most sought after area.


149 wooded acres in Dutchess County comprised of 3 separate lots: Dover School District.
Lot 1: 112 acres with old hunting cabin
Lot 2: 5 acres with 65 year old small cottage with septic, well and electric.
Lot 3: 32.09 acres of Wingdale mountainside.
3 lots will be sold together totaling 149 acres. The land borders West Mountain State Forest at the southernmost border and offers entry through Pleasant Ridge Road. A most magnificent area for weekenders, New York vacation residence, or gentleman’s estate. Location is amidst some of the finest sporting in the Northeast. Clubs within 20 minutes are: Pawling Mountain Club, Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club, Ten Mile River Preserve, Dover Furnace Shooting grounds, and Orvis Sandanona in Millbrook.


A 112 acre parcel with small old log hunting cabin offers septic and well. It adjoins a 5 acres parcel with old abandoned 1 BR cottage, also with septic and well. 32 acres of untouched WIngdale Mountainside down/across the street is sloping. Fully wooded parcels with varying elevations and only a small portion of wetlands at the northeast corner of 112 acre parcel. Southwest end borders Blueberry Ridge in Union Vale and Southernmost edge borders DEC’s majestic West Mountain State Forest. Magnificent sporting, farm, gun club or luxury home location. Resource Conservation Zone encourages forestry, recreation, land conservation & low density residential.

Land Use

Resource Conservation Zone encourages forestry, recreation, land conservation and low density residential. Southernmost edge of Lot 1 (112 acres) borders Blueberry Ridge subdivision in Union Vale. Northeast end of the 112 ac parcel adjoins 5 acre piece (Lot 2) formerly used as seasonal 1 bedroom weekend cottage, which now requires extensive renovation if it is to be used for living purposes. A 32 acre untouched Wingdale hillside down the road is also included. Magnificent farm, conservation or luxury property location. Township is Dover Plains, New York. Agricultural USDA environmental programs are potentially eligible. Contact Jill Doppel for further details.

  • Lot 1 (112 acre lot): abandoned old log hunting cabin, water and sewer, and rough driveway. Current usage: Seasonal residential
  • Lot 2 (5 acres): 65 year old abandoned cottage, water and sewer, driveway entry. Current usage: Residential Single Family
  • Lot 3 (32.09 acres): untouched hillside across street, “on the corner”. Current usage: Vacant land.

Lots 1 & 2 are adjoining

Small portion of wetlands on northeast corner of Lot 1 (112 acre lot)
Agricultural District
Borders Union Vale subdivision
Township: Dover Plains
Schools: Dover


Resource Conservation Zoning:

  • Forestry
  • Recreational uses: hunting, trapping, sporting
  • Land Conservation
  • Low Density Residential subdivision

Surrounding & nearby properties:

  • New York DEC West Mountain Forest at southern border
  • Rod & Gun Clubs, Sporting, Hunting, Fishing, Recreation, Large Residential parcels
  • Blueberry Ridge Subdivision, Union Vale*All inquiries are confidential.

Permitted uses

  • Single Family
  • Agricultural
  • Municipal

Permitted uses with Special Permit

  • Two Family & Multi Family
  • Residential Care Facility
  • Camps types 1&2
  • Country Inn, Conference Center
  • Craft Workshop
  • Kennel
  • Recreational Business
  • Veterinary Hospital
  • Educational, Charitable, Religious
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Membership Club
  • Home Occupation (if more than 2 employees)
  • Soil Mining

Permitted w/site plan review:

  • Boarding Stable
  • Equestrian Riding Academy
  • Commercial lodging
  • Bed and Breakfast

Not permitted

Mobil Homes
Junk yard
Retail Business
Waste Management

Contact Jill Doppel at 845-546-5875. Must have appointment to enter premises. Absolutely no trespassing.